Brad Kebblewhite Consulting offers a wide range of business developemnt services tailored to suit your cicumstances and maximise results. All services are available on a global scale.


Brad Kebblewhite Consulting offers all prospective clients a free 30 minute business strategy session over the phone to evaluate current business development stratergies and opportunities.

Business Development Review

Brad Kebblewhite Consulting can conduct a comprehensive review and audit of your current Business Develepment systems, providing a gap analysis upon completion against what is considered best practice. These reviews can be carried out over a matter of hours or weeks depending on the size and scale of your business.

Market Analysis / Research

Market analysis and research can be carried out in many forms and for different purposes including both customer and competitor surveys and analysis. A strong understanding of both your customers and competitors is essential when developing marketing and business plans.

Goal Setting

Without goals it is almost impossible to set plans and without plans your business development will have no direction and results will be poor. Brad Kebblewhite Consulting can provide the framework for effective Goal Setting.

Business Plan

Business Plans form the basis of all other activities within your business. They state your goals and your plans to achieve them. Brad Kebblewhite Consulting can provide the framework and facilitate to formulation of comprehensive Business Plans.

USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

Your USP or Unique Selling Proposition is your "Tag Lne" or "Catch Phrase". In one short sharp sentance your USP will tell your prospective customers what you do and why your are different from your competitiors. Brad Kebblewhite Consulting can provide the framework and facilitate to development of your USP.

Branding & Identity

A Branding and Identity document forms the basis of all of your business development documents and marketing. The document will outline your logo, colours, fonts, and how they can be used to ensure your business identity is potrayed as per your business and marketing plans. In conjunction with Graphic Designers, Brad Kebblewhite Consulting can provide the framework and or facilitate the development of your Branding and Identity documents.

Marketing Plan

A Marketing Plan, much like your Goals and Business Plan give your business development some direction. Your marketing plan will outline what methods you are going to use to market your business and to whom you will be marketing it to. Brad Kebblewhite Consulting can provide the framework and or facilitate the development of your business plan.

Capability Statement

A Capability Statement is one of the most essential marketing documents your business most produce and use. This is a universal document that can be used in either a hard or soft copy and presented in a any number of ways. Used formally or informally your Capability Statement is an over of your business and a tool that enables you to make a presentation to a prospective client. Brad Kebblewhite Consulting can provide the framework and or facilitate the development of your Capability Statement.

Expression of Interest (EOI)

An Expression of Interest (EOI) is exactly that. A document that expresses your interest in doing business with a prospective customer. An EOI is a great tool that can be used in many forms of prospecting and when written and presented correctly can achieve great results. Brad Kebblewhite Consulting can provide you with the framework and or facilitate the development of your EOI.

Prospecting / Lead Generation

Without Prospecting or Lead Generation, where do your customers come from? Brad Kebblewhite Consulting has over 20 years experience in succesful Prospecting and Lead Generation and can provide you with the winning scripts and techniques or can Prospect and Generate Leads on your behalf.

Enquiry / Lead Management

It's one thing to find a lead or recieve an enquiry, but how do you manage them until they become a customer? Brad Kebblewhite Consulting has been managing enquiries and leads for over 20 years and can provide you with the framework and or facilite a tailored system for your bsuiness to manage your enquires and leads.

Quoting & Closing

Providing your potential customer with a quote or proposal is when you will either win or lose the opportunity. A well presented quote or proposal combined with the correct scripts and techniques to close the opportunity will result in wining more jobs. Brad Kebblewhite Consulting has presentations and scripts that are proven to work and we can customise them to suit your specific business.

Time Management

Let's face it. We could all use more hours in a day. You can have all the best systems and procedures in the world, but if you don't manage your time correctly, you will never have enough hours in the day to complete all your tasks. Brad Kebblewhite Consulting has simple and easy to adopt Time Management systems and strategies that will have you working less and earning more.

Social Media

Social Media, like it or not is very quickly becoming a main stream resource for prospecting, lead generation, communication and brand awareness. Due to the ever changing number of platforms and how they operate, it is often difficult for businesses to take full advantage of Social Media. Brad Kebblewhite Consulting can provide numerous Social Media solutions for you including managing your Social Media accounts for you or simply providing training.

Website Design & Optimisation

Your business website is your online shop front. You need to consider first impressions and realise that perception is reality. If people like your website, they will already feel comfortable in talking to you about your business. In conjunction with Graphic Designers and Web Developers Brad Kebblewhite Consulting can offer Website Design and Optimisation services with tailored solutions for all budgets and business sizes.

Coaching & Mentoring

Brad Kebblewhite Consulting offers coaching and mentoring services on various levels and a solution is tailored for your business and situation. One and one and group services are available both as one off and ongoing services.

Sales / Business Development Management

Sales or Business Development Management is the key to ensuring your Business Develeopment systems are working. Brad Kebblewhite Consulting offers Sales or Business Development Managment services either consulting directly to your business and taking on the role of Sales / Business Development Manger or training for you and your managment team so ensure these duties are carried out correctly.

Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Trade Shows and Exhibitions can be a great opportunity for propecting, lead generation and brand awareness, but they are also very costly. Brad Kebblewhite Consulting has much experience in maximising results for Trade Show and Exhibition investment and attendance and as such can offer you a tailored solution to plan, manage and or attend trade shows and exhibitions on your behalf.

Global / International Business Development

With experience and success in international business development, Brad Kebblewhite Consulting understands the challenges involved like, language, culture and logisitics. Brad Kebblewhite Consulting can offer you a tailored solution to provide planning and training to enable your success in international markets or consult and carry this work out on your behalf.

Tailored Business Development Services

All services listed are tailored to suit your business. If you are looking for particular assistance, training or consultancy in a particular area of your business that you don't see listed here, please contact Brad Kebblewhite Consulting with your enquiry.

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