Brad Kebblewhite Consulting is twenty years of hard work, many mistakes, many lessons, perseverance, determination, study and ultimately success.


From a young age during school holidays helping his Grandfather mow lawns and clean units to following in his Father’s footsteps and becoming the local paper boy early on Sunday mornings aged just fourteen, Brad Kebblewhite developed his work ethic and passion for customer service at an early age. From age fifteen Brad worked at the local McDonalds Restaurant where he progressed throughout all areas of the store becoming a crew trainer all whilst continuing his studies at High School. Brad believes the training he received during his time at McDonalds gave him the right attitude and discipline to become successful in the following years.

Aged seventeen and in his last year at high school completing his HSC, working four or five shifts per week at McDonalds and now working one day work experience a week at a local real estate business, Brad was offered a full time position as a real estate sales person in another local real estate business. Brad of course accepted the offer and so began his sales career.

At age eighteen you know everything. You no longer have to listen to your parents or teachers, you have a job that pays good money and you can waste it on whatever you want and you can party all the time! Sounds great, but boy was Brad wrong. After some immediate success in Real Estate Brad's enthusiasm started to fade as did his results. Brad realised his sales career wasn't going to be as easy as what he thought. Struggling for months to make sales and keep his job, it was time to make it or break it. Brad started to pay close attention to some top performers and sales trainers in the real estate industry and with their coaching Brad developed some systems and goals that led to getting his career back on track. 

Fast forward to age twenty one and Brad had continued his study and training with real estate coaches and mentors and was now in a position to go into business with a partner in a Real Estate office of their own. They were new challenges immediately. Not only was Brad a sales person but he was now managing a team of six people with many of them as old as his parents. Brad soon discovered managing people was a whole new skill set so he took a new study with a new coach and mentor that taught a new range of life, management and leadership skills and qualities. 

After many new life experiences including marrying his now wife, the birth of his first child and the death of his grandfather who was more like his best mate, Brad decided that after six years in the real estate industry, it was time to expand his horizons to new challenges in new locations.

Brad decided that the next logical step was to enter the business to business sales space, selling and hiring capital equipment to industrial, construction and mining customers. Whilst Brad found this more exciting and interesting Brad faced new challenges again that included learning technical information and working within large corporate businesses that operated much differently to the smaller real estate businesses he was used to. But using the many sales and life skills he had learnt and developed over the preceding years, Brad was again able to become successful in a new industry after some initial failures. Brad recalled that one of his favourite coaches had called this "Failing Forward" or learning by our mistakes.

Now enjoying a successful career in B2B sales and much more "free time" because B2B sales generally happen in what most people consider normal work hours, unlike real estate with much night and weekend work, Brad decided he had time for more challenges.

With a love of music and the desire to operate his own business again, Brad started a DJ / Party Hire business from his garage at home. Starting with no advertising other than direct email marketing to his network of friends and family, Brad grew his part-time business to a six figure income in under twelve months. Over the coming years Brad would grow the business further to become a "one stop" party and wedding business that offered a full suite of products and services with almost all of the growth coming from referrals and repeat business.

After the roaring success of the party hire business, Brad wondering if he could replicate the success in another field. After serious consideration of his skills, his network and his resources, Brad decided to start a property cleaning and maintenance business. Again with basically no advertising, just direct marketing to his network of friends and family Brad turned a start-up business with no customers into a thriving business with anywhere between three and six contractors working everyday within just three months of trading.

Again looking for new challenges in the business space, Brad decided to take on a new business development role for a mining company promoting mining equipment. Knowing very little about mining, but a lot about business development, Brad quickly started to grow a new network of contacts within the mining industry. With basically instant success, Brad was rewarded with a promotion to the role of Sales Manager along with the responsibility of looking after international business development.  

Working long hours, Brad thoroughly researched many international mining markets for opportunities to promote his companies mining equipment. After an initial mission overseas that included meetings and introductions to international mining companies and delegates, Brad again started to develop a new network internationally. With many international missions undertaken and his network including local and international CEO's, Managing Director's and Government Officials Brad almost instantly tasted some success securing some business. 

Not only was the international business development a success, but Brad was managing a sales team that was increasing its revenue month after month in what most would say, economically speaking is the biggest mining down turn we have seen in recent decades. Brad attributes much of this success to installing clear expectations for the sales team and continual coaching and professional development for the entire sales and support team.

Father rewards were to come for Brad with a promotion to role of Operations Manager, the role encompassing all his existing duties plus overseeing two operations with workshops and over fifty employees. Many new lessons would be learnt during this part of Brad's career, particular around time and people management. 

After many successful years promoting mining equipment in various roles including business development, sales and then operations management, Brad again sought to expand his horizons and look for the next opportunity.

After an approach from the Managing Director of a mining services company, Brad decided to take up a role in business development, now promoting mining services, something quite different to mining equipment.

Similar to when brad entered B2B sales for the first time after his real estate career, Brad again now found himself with much more "free time" compared with when he was working as an operations manager. Not content to stand still Brad decided to take on his biggest and newest challenge and you are now taking a part in it. Brad Kebblewhite Consulting.

Brad has always wanted to launch his own business to impart his knowledge and skills in business development onto others, but he has always been mindful not to launch until the time was right. He has always remembered one of his first lessons in sales was "you only get to make one first impression". Brad has always said that he would know when the time is right. Some time ago, when travelling home from a two week long international mission Brad realised that he now possessed a skill set, success and longevity that was no different to that of some of his very first mentors and coaches. The only thing stopping Brad now was time and that changed when Brad took on his current role promoting mining services.

Today, Brad is still working in business development promoting mining services, he still manages his property cleaning and maintenance business and of course now works with many businesses and individuals consulting on business development.

Brad Kebblewhite

Business Development Consultant

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